2 Jul 2015

Mary Monroe Davis -- An Educational Legacy

Mary Monroe Davis -- An Educational Legacy

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As I began my journey as a full time student at Heritage University in 2009, my physically disabled parents and I were struggling financially. We were in the 22.6% of the Hispanic population living below the poverty line. Although, I was awarded the Washington State Need Grant, Pell Grant, Heritage Pledge, and the FSEOG, I still had to work three-part time jobs to provide for myself and my parents. 

I began to apply for outside scholarships, looking for additional funding for my education. With assistance from the Advancement Office I found one which would change my academic experience and ultimately my life.

Mary Monroe Davis left an educational legacy to Yakima County. On behalf of the Yakima Valley Community Foundation, the Yakima Rotary Trust has established a scholarship program to assist residents of Yakima County who continue their education in undergraduate study. The Mary Monroe Davis Scholarships is renewable each year for payment of tuition and fees and are offered each year for full-time study at an accredited two or four-year college or university of the student’s choice. I was a proud recipient of the Mary Monroe Davis Scholarship.

To be considered, applicants write two short essays , must be US Citizens and a resident of Yakima County. Recipients must maintain a GPA of 2.75 or above.

The additional effort it took to apply for scholarships was repaid a hundred fold. With the decreased financial pressure not only was I able to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Heritage but I was able to do so Cum Laude! I now have the opportunity to make my community better not only for myself but for my daughter and her future. I believe Mary Monroe Davis put it best herself when she said, “Better leaders for tomorrow come through better education today.”


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