13 Aug 2015

Valley Teacher Shortage

Valley Teacher Shortage

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On the news last night, we heard about the Valley’s Teacher shortage. The news team offered current numbers of unfilled teacher positions for this fall. How is Heritage University responding to the need for teachers?

We have 4 different pathways that a person who wants to be a teacher can choose from. Pathway one is called the Theory to Practice (TtP). This program is offered for students who need to work full time while going to school. They take their classes in the evenings and on week-ends and do their student teaching the last semester of their program.

Pathway two is called the Residency Program (HU 105 or HU 123). Pathway two is where the students are in an actual classroom, on a 3 – 4 person team, Monday – Thursday for 1.5 – 2 years. They attend class on Fridays. This program is designed around learning to teach while teaching.

Pathway three is called our Master’s in Teaching (MIT) program. This program is for people that already have their Bachelor’s Degree and want to get their Master’s Degree along with their teaching certificate. Our MIT is designed to be offered in conjunction with either a pathway one or pathway two program .

Pathway four is called our HU Accelerate MIT program. This program is an intense three semesters that starts in July of each year. The students attend 5 weeks of full day classes during the summer, teach full time during the year while attending classes on the week-ends. This pathway ends with the students having a Master’s Degree, a Teaching Certificate, and an additional endorsement on their certificate.

All of these pathways helps students graduate as a highly qualified teacher ready to fill the open teaching positions here in our valley.  


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