26 Aug 2015

The World is Wide Open With English

The World is Wide Open With English

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It is an exciting time in the Heritage English department.  Whether you are a student, faculty or staff member, we are enjoying the learning process that helps us all become better readers, writers, and critical thinkers and communicators.  

It has long been the opinion of many people who come to college that an English class is a bitter pill to swallow in order to move on to more interesting classes.  Also, an English major is often seen as a path only to teaching.  I can assure everyone that this assumption couldn't be further from the truth.  Writing does not have to be scary or painful.  

We in the department devote ourselves to helping students strengthen their skills so that they can be better communicators.  Really, isn't that what all this is about?  We want students to be able to understand class material by strengthening their critical thinking skills as well.  We work together, so that students can learn to communicate what they are learning so that they can show their teachers through their writing.  The skills they learn in English help to make students more successful in their careers and in their lives.  The excitement doesn't stop with instruction, however.

Modern English coursework includes a multitude of new and exciting tools used to help students learn these lessons.  Online tutorial videos, grammar practice web sites, blogs, twitter feeds, the Writing Center for personal, friendly help, as well as excellent text books with interesting, thought provoking readings.  Heritage an excellent group of professors and instructors at all levels as well.  Classes include everything from composition to Writing in the Social Sciences to a Tolkien class which studies the Lord of the Rings!  We also have technical writing courses which educate students in the information needed for most technical and interpersonal career paths.  

English is not just about learning to become a teacher anymore.  With the abilities learned in the field, critical thinking, writing, reading comprehension and communication, a person can do many jobs effectively and with skill. The world is wide open when you study English.


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